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Premium Inspection

The NVCP Premium Inspection allows for vehicles that may not qualify for Gold or Silver Certification to undergo a very comprehensive used car visual inspection at a cost effective price. The Premium Inspection can be performed on a mobile basis, at home or work, or at an approved inspection station affiliate…it’s your choice!

If the vehicle in question does not qualify for NVCP Gold or Silver Certification, or you just want a low cost inspection, you can quickly and easily purchase your Premium Inspection and schedule your appointment through our website with one of our approved inspection station affiliates—or select the mobile option.

The vehicle to be certified then undergoes the most comprehensive visual inspection on the market today, over 220 inspection points! Each inspection is performed by trained professionals in the auto inspection and repair industry. As part of the inspection process, the technician will also take a number of digital photos of the vehicle, inside and out, to be included as part of the reports portfolio that comes with comes with every NVCP Premium Inspection.

The Reports Portfolio that you will receive for your Premium Inspection vehicle will include:

  • Visual Inspection Reports
  • Digital Photographs

NVCP Premium Inspection means that the vehicle in question has undergone a thorough process to ensure quality and condition; protecting yourself as a buyer OR the seller of a pre-owned automobile!

Starting at only $99!

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