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Gold Certification

NVCP Gold Certification is the most comprehensive used car certification/inspection on the market today. Because of the extremely comprehensive visual and physical mechanical inspection component, the Gold Certification can only be performed at an approved inspection station affiliate. We incorporate industry leading technology and services to give you, the consumer, the most accurate and reliable information possible.

We start by giving you the peace of mind of knowing that the vehicle in question does not have a “Branded Title.” That is, we let you know whether or not the vehicle to be certified has any reported documentation to indicate that the vehicle was junk or salvaged, dismantled, rebuilt or reconstructed, flood damaged, fire damaged, hail damaged, bought back by its manufacturer (Lemon Law), odometer exceeds mechanical limits, odometer is not actual mileage, or any other similar “Brand.” If the vehicle, in fact, has a “Branded Title” we let you know right up front at no charge, because if a vehicle has a “Branded Title,” it does not qualify for NVCP Gold Certification. It may however still qualify for a Premium Inspection.

Once we determine at no charge that the vehicle in question does not have a branded title, you can quickly and easily purchase your Gold Certification and schedule your appointment through our website.

We'll then have a trained technician at an approved inspection station pull an engine oil sample and a transmission fluid sample (when applicable*) to be analyzed with state of the art fluid analysis technology. The On-Site Analysis MotorCheck Oil Analyzer allows us to provide information about the quality and condition of the internally lubricated components of the engine and transmission. This is information that cannot be obtained through a visual inspection. In fact, an ASE Certified master mechanic could completely dismantle an engine or transmission, thoroughly inspect the internally lubricated components and still not be able to determine possible impending issues that we can see through the science of oil analysis. This technology has been used extensively in other industries for decades as a predictive maintenance tool to "look inside" a lubricated component to get a “snap shot” of the current condition of that component. There is no other credible way to truly know the internal condition of an engine or transmission in a pre-owned automobile.

Finally, the vehicle to be certified goes through the most comprehensive visual and physical mechanical inspection on the market today, over 270 inspection points! Each inspection is performed by trained professionals in the auto inspection and repair industry. As part of the inspection process, the technicians or inspectors also take a number of digital photos of the vehicle, inside and out, to be included as part of the reports portfolio that comes with every NVCP Gold Certification.

Once the vehicle has been NVCP Certified we go one step further and provide the peace of mind of a 3 month/3000 mile Limited Warranty** for the engine and transmission which will be automatically registered for your convenience, and the documentation included as part of the reports portfolio.

The Reports Portfolio that you will receive for your Gold Certified vehicle will include:

  • Complete CARFAX Vehicle History Report™
  • Fluid Analysis Reports
  • Mechanical Inspection Reports
  • Digital Photographs
  • 3 Month/3000 Mile Limited Warranty

NVCP Certification means that the vehicle in question has undergone a very comprehensive process to ensure quality and condition; protecting yourself as a buyer OR the seller of a pre-owned automobile!

All this for only $349!

Order Gold Certification Now!

*Some vehicles with 5-speed transmissions or sealed transmissions may not be sampled due to accessibility.
**Covers the internally lubricated components of the engine and transmission only, see warranty for details.

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