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NVCP Peace of Mind

The goal of the National Vehicle Certification Program is to minimize risk in the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle. We want to know as much as we can about the vehicle’s past and its present condition, and then help protect the buyer against any unforeseen problems that may arise in the future. Here is how we do that:

The Past

Like a concerned parent...

We want to know where it’s been, who it’s been with, and how it was treated. One source of this information is the CARFAX Vehicle History Report™, which is a mandatory component of our certification program.

To date in 2008 some 200,000 titles have been “washed” by re-titling them in another state. “Title Washing” is a process used by less than scrupulous individuals to remove brands placed by the states on a vehicle’s title. These brands are meant to notify you of crucial information about a vehicle when you are considering a purchase. This information includes:

    “Reconstructed, Salvage or Totaled Vehicles” These vehicles have been in a major accident and were declared a total loss by an insurance company. The vehicles are then purchased by body shops or other entities and rebuilt. Often two vehicles may be taken apart and put back together to make one vehicle.

    “Odometer Tampered or Replaced” Vehicles branded in this manor have had a failure in the working condition of the odometer and you have little or no way of reliably verifying the actual mileage of the vehicle.

    “Flood Vehicle” These vehicles have been in a flood or driven into a body of water deep enough to cause mechanical failures deemed serious to the degree that an insurance company declared it at total loss.

    “Fire Vehicle” These vehicles have been in a fire sever enough to cause mechanical failures deemed serious to the degree that an insurance company declared it at total loss.

    “Theft Recovery Vehicle” These vehicles have been stolen and missing long enough to cause an insurance company declared it at total loss.

    “Lemon Law Vehicles” These vehicles have been declared a “Lemon” by the manufacturer who built the vehicle, usually because of excessive or ongoing mechanical repairs.

NVCP will not Certify any vehicle branded with the foregoing problems. In fact, if after the sale you discover additional information proving otherwise, you can receive a full refund of the purchase price via the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee™.

The Present

A Physical Inspection

A technician performs a 220+ point inspection and a test drive, takes multiple photos, checks hundreds of components of the vehicle, and provides you a written Report of what he finds. NVCP uses experienced Certification Mechanics for an objective opinion—and for your peace of mind. Every inspector has undergone a specially-designed, proprietary training and certification program unique to NVCP.

An Exclusive, Proven Scientific Fluid Analysis

NVCP is the ONLY certification company that uses Scientific Fluid Analysis Technology on every vehicle on both the engine and transmission* to verify that all internally lubricated parts are functioning properly—and we provide the results of that Fluid Analysis in a written report for your review.

The Future

A Warranty

NVCP's warranty covers the internally lubricated parts of the engine and transmission, has no pre-existing condition clause so you are protected from mile one, and it is nationally recognized. For more protection, you may purchase additional coverage for almost any vehicle!

Every NVCP Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with peace of mind. Now you can shop and buy, feeling confident about your purchase regardless of the year make or model you select.

Now that's complete confidence! For a complete list of covered components and additional warranty details, please contact your NVCP Certified Pre-Owned Dealer today.

*Automatic Transmissions Only. Excludes sealed transmissions.

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