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National Vehicle Certification Program Overview

NVCP™, or National Vehicle Certification Program, is the first nationally recognized independent vehicle certification program designed for both dealers and private-parties. Until now, buying or selling a quality pre-owned vehicle has been difficult and risky. The struggle and trauma resulted in a stressful, fear-filled, and rather unpleasant experience for most people.

Why is it so stressful to purchase a used car? There are a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Consumers cannot find reliable, verifiable information about the car.
  • Information about the previous owner cannot be obtained or verified due to privacy laws.
  • Dealers themselves cannot always provide reliable, verifiable information to consumers because it is simply unavailable. For example, a dealer may have purchased the vehicle at an auction, where there is little or no communication between the buyer and seller.
  • Often the vehicle was a trade-in. In an effort to negotiate a better trade-in value, the owner of a trade-in vehicle may fail to disclose all of the problems with the vehicle.
  • Dealers frequently purchase vehicles from wholesalers who provide limited or no verifiable information on the cars they are selling.

Now there's a solution! The NVCP Certification Process was designed to reduce or eliminate the stress and fear of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. We have developed a method to provide both dealers and consumers with RELIABLE, VERIFIABLE information. These Certification Reports contain all of the information we've uncovered, presented in a thorough yet easy to understand format.

The Process

An independent Certification Inspector does the following:

  • Test drives the vehicle
  • Performs a visual and physical 220+ point Inspection
  • Takes 14 or more digital pictures
  • Pulls Fluid Samples from the engine and transmission*, and ships them to our National Service Center for analysis

Once a Vehicle Passes Inspection:

  • Vehicle pictures and Inspection Reports along with the Scientific Fluid Analysis Reports are uploaded to our secure server, and a link to this data is inserted into the CARFAX Vehicle History Report™. Easily access all of the certification data, photos, and additional info at the click of a mouse.

The NVCP Report includes:

  • The complete Scientific Fluid Analysis, the four-page written analysis and a one-page Pass or Fail statement.
  • Results of the technician's Physical Inspection, including a five-page itemized list of the items inspected on the vehicle, their condition, and comments from the mechanic where appropriate.
  • A Photo Folio—graphic documentation of the vehicle's interior and exterior condition, VIN and odometer reading
  • A straightforward Summary Report that combines all of the above in a concise summary format
  • The complete vehicle ownership report as reported to CARFAX®
  • Complete service records as reported to CARFAX®
  • Complete accident, flood, theft, Lemon Law and total loss (R-Title or Salvage Title status) reports to CARFAX®
  • The vehicle receives a warranty on the engine and transmission
  • Vehicle qualifies for a CARFAX Buyback Guarantee™
  • Many vehicles qualify for additional coverage!

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